Experienced Kitchener Family Lawyer

I have vast and varied experience in all aspects of family law.

I am a fierce advocate for my client when negotiating and litigating the very personal and emotional disputes and arrangements which lie at the heart of every family law practice.

I am a proponent of conducting all-party meetings (face-to-face resolution meetings with both parties and both lawyers present) to resolve parts or the entirety of a case. I find these meetings to be more useful and cost-efficient than the traditional process of exchanging correspondence between counsel to arrive at a resolution.

Having said that, I recognize that not all family law disputes can be resolved by negotiation and written agreements and that some cases are simply not appropriate for those alternative dispute resolution channels. In those circumstances, I am not afraid to put my client’s position before the Court and litigate it valiantly. Once litigation starts, the Family Law Rules and the procedure currently in place give the parties multiple opportunities to settle without a trial. I seize these opportunities and work with opposing counsel and judges during motions, case conference and settlement conferences to come up with sensible solutions and avoid a trial. I am an experienced trial lawyer should your case come to that. During trial, I raise every real issue in evidence and submissions if a case does not settle and requires the Court’s decision to end it. I also have experience with appeals which require me as counsel to point to legal errors committed by lower courts to secure a new trial or correct the result.

There are never “winners” in family law cases so it is important not to lose focus on the issues that matter while resolving family disputes in or out of court. It is my duty to support you and help with that focus.

I can assist you with:

  • separation agreements
  • marriage and domestic contracts
  • trust and property agreements in the family law context
  • court applications, motions and trials in respect of all family law issues including but not limited to custody, access, child support, spousal support, equalization and trust claims
a couple review their will at a kitchener law firm office